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Our Partners from apetito undertake development to ensure specific needs and special conditions are catered for in the same fashion as the regular diner. It takes knowledge, patience and attention to detail to ensure requirements are exceeded.

apetito’s meals are packed with quality, nutritious ingredients and are created by their in-house chefs and dietitians to guarantee that they are as delicious as they are nourishing. With over 200 dishes to choose from apetito cater for every taste, dietary and cultural need. apetito have been awarded the Queens Award for their innovative range of Texture Modified meals, which guarantee the safety of those living with dysphagia, pulling the focus from the diners’ dietary differences and instead placing it back on the pleasure of residents dining together at the table.

Nutrition and Special Dining

It is acknowledged that within the care sector some residents will have specific health needs that may impact on their nutrition.

As people age, their requirements change, but a good diet and keeping active can help prevent potential health problems and play a key part in ageing well.

A healthy diet is one based on a variety of foods eaten in the correct proportions to provide the correct amount of energy (calories) and nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals). Our managers ensure that our menus provide adequate nutrition every day to maintain body processes and contribute to wellbeing and happiness.

At One Housing Care & Support we take nutrition and hydration very seriously and incorporate it cleverly in our residents daily meal intake. Seasonality and highest quality of food produce is the foundation for quality health meal as well as the understanding of individual requirements.

Nutrition and Special Diets

Dysphagia dining

apetito offer an award winning Texture Modified range that has been developed in line with International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation initiative (IDDSI), these dishes look and taste as appetising as the original dish. This range ensures that residents with dysphagia look forward to their mealtimes and are able to dine with dignity. With over 100 meals to choose from in this range there is something for everyone!

Nutrition & Management

All of apetito's dishes are developed by in-house chefs and dietitians to ensure that they are nutritionally balanced meeting Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines. With over 200 dishes and a variety of ranges, all dietary needs can be met.

Allergen Management

With apetito's strict health and safety procedures it is one of the safest catering options available for care homes and extra care facilities. apetito meals cater for all 14 of the known allergens with a Free From range designed specifically to ensure the safety of residents. apetito gives our team confidence and visibility of every ingredient in every meal via their digital nutritional database, available to all of our team.


Quality of our produce plays a critical role for the wellbeing of our residents. We have partnered with both national and local suppliers to strengthen the link with our local communities and encourage the use of British produce.

apetito are proud to support the British farming industry with many of their suppliers located close to their Wiltshire kitchens. For example, apetito have long-standing partnerships with their beef suppliers with 100% of the beef used in their kitchens at Trowbridge (except for corned beef) sourced from Farm Assured British and Irish farms. Alec Jarrett, their beef supplier is located 17 miles from apetito’s kitchens and has been supplying apetito with beef for over 10 years. This family-owned business was established over 80 years ago and shares long-standing partnerships with its farmers.

apetito holds all of their suppliers to the highest level of quality and consistency, ensuring the ingredients that they use in every meal are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

apetito have recently won the 2019 Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development, showing their commitments to conducting business in a way that positively impacts on the environment, society and economy.

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apetito have recently partnered with award winning chefs from across the South West to help bring on a number of new and exciting dishes.

apetito New Meals Catalogue

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