Assisted living FAQs

Do I need to get advice?

We would encourage you to discuss your housing options with friends and family, and to seek independent advice, support and representation as appropriate, from bodies such as the Elderly Accommodation Counsel and AgeUK. Information and advice may be available free of charge.

For more information about our extra care schemes, please visit the CQC website.

How do I apply?

Call us first and we can help you fill out a form. Your application will then be processed and a care assessment will be carried out.

A dedicated member of our team will arrange to meet with you to talk to you about your application and needs and will inform you of the next steps needed to process your application. They will keep you informed all the way.

How do I pay for care?

You’ll be assessed by the local authority and they will agree with you a care plan to meet your needs. Depending upon your circumstances and your savings you may find that your care can be funded by the local authority. If not then you will be responsible for you care costs.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility for our schemes do vary from scheme to scheme but usually you will need to:

  • Be aged 55 or over
  • Have been assessed as having care needs
  • Be ordinarily resident in the area the scheme is located in

Our scheme brochures provide more information about specific eligibility requirements.

What are the flats like?

Our scheme brochures will show you how each scheme is specifically designed but all our schemes have similar design features including;

  • one or two bedrooms
  • a spacious lounge area
  • walk-in wet room with shower which can be adapted if required
  • a modern kitchen with fridge freezer, oven and hob
  • central heating
  • emergency call alarms
  • wheelchair accessibility to all rooms
  • security entrance phone
  • can be adapted with aids such as grab rails, shower seats etc. if you require them.
What support is there?

Our extra care housing can help people with support needs as well as those who have mobility or health problems that mean they need regular or long-term care and support. Care staff are on duty day and night.

How will it work for me?

The main aim of extra care is to enable people to live successfully in their own home for as long as possible. Ensuring support and care needs are met within independent, fully supported flats. We will be able to help with a number of activities including:

  • personal care
  • getting up, washing and dressing
  • preparing meals, snacks and drinks
  • cleaning and domestic work
  • shopping and meal planning
  • maintaining your home
  • care coordination and liaison
  • supporting you to engage and enjoy activities onsite and locally
  • help with finance, bills and budgeting, welfare benefit applications
  • care tailored to your needs
My wife/husband/partner has care needs but I don't - can we still apply?

Yes. If your husband/wife/partner does not need care you can still live together in extra care housing.

Are meals included?

Yes. Some of our schemes offer a catering service which you can purchase separately with your core care package. You can also invite friends and family at an additional cost.

Depending on your agreed care package help with meal preparation could be included depending on your circumstances. However the cost of food is met with by you.

How much would I have to pay in fees?

Everyone will have to pay something towards the cost of living at one of our schemes, but how much will depend on your assessed financial position.

The costs of living in an Assisted Living scheme include:

  • Rent and service charge – how much you pay depends on your eligibility for housing benefit, but you are still likely to have to pay something towards the service charge even if you get full housing benefit.
  • Care costs – your contribution will depend on your financial assessment.
  • All other bills that people have to pay in their own homes such as gas, electricity and council tax.

We will help you make sure that you claim all the benefits that you are entitled to. For a full cost breakdown, please refer to each individual scheme page.