May 2022: A brief look in the life as a care assistant

The role of a care assistant is a varied one, whether it’s lending a hand with laundry and cleaning, or simply sitting down for a chat. We sat down with Hope from Camden based Esther Randall Court, to find out a little bit more about what a normal day is like for her.

How long have you been working at Esther Randall Court?

“Hello! I’ve been at Esther Randall Court for seven years, a long time!”

What does a normal day look like for you?

“I’m a care assistant, so my day starts at 7am, where I sign in and we have staff handover. Then I meet with the customer and introduce myself. Usually I have 5-6 different calls and things that I need to do from the moment my day begins.

“Before lunch we have a choice of tasks, either laundry, cleaning or shopping for the customers, but sometimes the customer may just want to chat so we will sit with them and talk.

“Lunch is prepared for the customer and we take it to them, then it’s lunch medication followed by any personal care or tidying that they may need.

“If we’ve finished our tasks, we can do some further training, we often have group discussions on how we can make improvements, it’s making sure that we can always be progressing in our roles.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“Seeing the smile on the customers face! I love knowing that they’re feeling happy and that they’re content and satisfied, it’s about knowing that you’ve done your job well. I like it when they say ‘why are you going?’, they don’t want to leave, it means I’ve done my job and built that friendship with them!

“I like to see changes in people’s lives, that people are able to express themselves and I get to listen to them, even if they have to repeat what they need 100 times a day, I’m willing to listen!

“When people appreciate you and trust you, they’re able to open up and tell you about their past history, I can reassure them and it makes me feel happy with the new life that they are living.

“I love going to work every day.”

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