Overview by Head of Hospitality

After nearly 2 decades in the field of High end hotels and restaurants in the UK and Abroad, I believe there is a lot more I can offer to Hospitality. The Senior living sector is a completely different chapter and it offers whole different perspective. I strongly relating to care myself, it just appealed to me as a noble cause more than a job and now I live and breath this cause.

Driving the ultimate residents’ culinary engagement trough robust seasonal food offering is the main goal on my agenda. Myself and my team and our partners  are devoted to closely analysing residents and family’s feedback to ensure we exceed expectation.

I am a strong believer of teamwork and developing a strong Management and Catering team is inevitable part of achieving this goal.

We encourage seasonal and nutritional food offering as well as attentive  service, achieved trough  sustainable and ethical suppliers selection, Health & Safety standards and CQC compliance.

“We believe in success and we have the knowledge to deliver it”

Sabbi Gavrailov, Head of Hospitality

Welcome to Care & Support Hospitality

Our Philosophy

Determined to provide outstanding service, bespoke seasonal menus, tailored for ultimate nutrition and wellbeing for our residents.

Our Partners

Partnering with Apetito, the leading experts in serving nutritious, delicious meals for older people, we provide choices for every taste and need.