Clarence House

Clarence House in Bedford is our second homeless hostel. This purpose-built hostel has 29 self-contained studio apartments with a team of support staff available 24/7, including specialist support officers to assist residents with a range of complex needs.

It comprises en-suite studio flats and an emergency bed, enabling residents to live independently while being supported by on-site specialists.

There is also communal areas, a computer suite, a training kitchen and staff kitchen.

On-site training and workshops enable our residents to develop the skills, confidence and resilience that will help them to move away from life on the streets.

The scheme also offers a ‘move on’ service for those who have been helped with their complex needs, to make sure they don’t return to a cycle of homelessness.

To live there, residents are referred to the unit by the council, are on benefits and are able to pay the £27-a-week rent.

When people are given a place each individual gets a key worker, a personal support plan, and bespoke skills advice to help them achieve more independent living.


Each apartment includes a sleeping area, lounge, bathroom and kitchen

Funds to build the multimillion-pound facility, on the grounds of a former pub - The Clarence - came from us, as part of us reinvesting our money into our social purpose.

The unit accept pets and let people stay for nine months if they are in the complex needs unit on the top floor, but up to 18 months on other floors.